Tips: TR Patcher

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The TR Patcher (mentioned briefly in their FAQ) is a small program that updates an .esp or .ess file to ensure it's compatible with data paths and etc in Tamriel Rebuilt.

An example of a mod that would need to be patched in this way is a cross compatibility mod, like Graphic Herbalism Tamriel Rebuilt Add-on Extra (minerals and egg clusters). Since that plugin was published, Tamriel Rebuilt has updated and things have changed. Run the patcher against that plugin to ensure it's updated:

java -jar TR_FilePatcher_v2.jar

A GUI will pop up, click "Open Files" and select the plugin file you wish to patch. After some time it will complete and leave behind a copy of the unmodified plugin (in case results were undesireable.)

NOTE: It's been reported to me that the TR Patcher is not compatible with Java 10. Of course it's important to keep software up to date, but Java 8 is still supported and does work, so for now stick with that when you need to use the TR Patcher.

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