Morrowind Watercolored v2

Alternatives: Vanilla Remastered, Morrowind VanillaPlus textures, Landscape Retexture, Lougian's Landscape Retexture Normal Mapped, Pixelwind V2
Author: PeterBitt
Category: Texture Packs
OpenMW Compatibility: Fully Working
Tags: Non-HD
Description: This is a texture replacer that gives Morrowind a watercolored look. Quick and easy installation. Covers the whole game.
Usage Notes: Works best when loaded after all other textures.
Requires BSA: No
Requires Plugin: No
Active: Yes

Suggested folder paths:

Linux: /home/username/games/OpenMWMods/MorrowindWatercoloredv2
macOS: /Users/username/games/OpenMWMods/MorrowindWatercoloredv2
Windows: C:\games\OpenMWMods\MorrowindWatercoloredv2
Android: /sdcard/OpenMWMods/MorrowindWatercoloredv2
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