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Free Software Edition
2019-05-08 | by M'aiq The Admin under Announcements


It's with great pleasure that today I announce the release of the source code for this very website. While this is actually quite a late announcement (I shared the news on the OpenMW forums a few weeks back), I wanted to make sure to make a post about …

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Out of Beta
2018-06-30 | by M'aiq The Admin under Announcements

Welcome back, outlander. On this fine day I've decided that this site is no longer considered a "beta". Months of work and countless hours of playtesting have brought me here, and I'd like to list just a few of the more noteable changes that I've rolled out:

Hello, world!
2018-04-13 | by M'aiq The Admin under Announcements
Tag: HelloWorld

Greetings and welcome to the first blog entry on This is your friendly neighborhood site admin saying hello, and be sure to drop a note using our contact form!

While the site is still in development or "beta" you won't see a lot of entries on this blog, but …

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