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2019-05-08 | by M'aiq The Admin under Announcements


It's with great pleasure that today I announce the release of the source code for this very website. While this is actually quite a late announcement (I shared the news on the OpenMW forums a few weeks back), I wanted to make sure to make a post about it here. Many thanks to all who use the site, and to the amazing community of modders that create the content which keeps the game we all love alive and growing.

All issues are now publicly viewable on this page, and are grouped by milestone here (for those interested in a rough timeframe for when a change might happen). For those interested in hacking on the code, the source repo can be found here, please take a look at the contributing guide too. For those of you that are Source Hut fans, I've got a mirror on there as well.

An account is required to directly submit issues, but as always I will gladly submit an issue on your behalf if you reach out via email. Additionally, I am happy to accept code patches via email (see here for more details).

I think that's it. As a result of the issues and code repo being public I see less of a need for posts here, but when there's something worth noting it shall be noted here! Thanks again, and catch you all later.

-Hristos (a.k.a. M'aiq The Admin)

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