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2019-02-23 | by M'aiq The Admin under Updates

UPDATED 2019-03-05 Thanks to the awesome work of the OpenMW team - users of OpenMW nighly builds going forward can now see all kinds of beautiful shadows. This exciting news has brought your friendly site admin out of hybernation to bring you some updates to the site. In no particular order:

  • Added the "needs cleaning" field as well as the tips page on cleaning plugins. Big thanks to Enkida, whose knowledge, research, and modding wisdom was an immense help in building this into the site.
  • I've added a huge amount of mods, greatly expanding the catalog of documented mods. Normally I'd list each one I added here but it's gotten to the point that so many are added, it would kind of be a pain to make folks find that information here. To that end I created the "the latest mods page", which lists mods in the order that they've been added to the site. For now just 100 are shown, but eventually I'll paginate the list and show all mods there.
  • Since shadows are now released, I've added a section about them to the tweak settings page.
  • The CFG Generator has been revamped in several ways:
    • All mods cataloged on the site are selectable and have appropriate data path and plugin ordering.
    • Data paths are now provided.
    • Any extra configs required by any selected mods are now provided.
    • Conflicts not yet handled, so keep that in mind when using the generator.
  • Added a cool "find in files" tip for Windows to the Shiny Meshes page -- big thanks to Luke for that!
  • 31 new screen shots have been added, go check them out!
  • Updated descriptions and attributes of many mods that were already listed. Most changes were corrections, but others included adding "needs cleaning" values and etc.
  • It's worth mentioning here that UC Nature has been pulled from the Total Overhaul List. At least on my primary rig, testing that mod on its own showed massive FPS drops in certain areas like the Ascadian Isles just outside of Pelagiad. This mod added a ton of content, so it's no surprise that it might affect performance, and of course your mileage may vary.
  • Fixed the data ordering of several mods to avoid conflicts. Of note: Dwemer textres and meshes are now loaded after Sobitur Facility.
  • And a bunch of other changes that nobody would really care about. In all, I closed over 100 issues on the site's issue tracker and made over 200 commits in the site git repository.

As always, thanks for visiting! -M'aiq

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