It Doesn't Snow On Vvardenfell

2018-12-02 | by M'aiq The Admin under Updates


Your friendly neighborhood site admin here again with another update that brings some critical new content:

  • Huge thanks to Enkida, who has offered massive amounts of input on cleaning plugins with the now-listed tes3cmd.
  • The syntax of the powershell one-liner I offered for renaming files was slightly off. Many thanks to those that reported the problem to me, sorry about any trouble it may have caused!
  • Recommended folder paths are no longer shown for incompatible mods, hopefully reducing potential confusion about their usage.
  • Updated the plugin name for Province Cyrodiil.
  • An anonymous reader wrote in that the Better Sounds 1.1 Patch 2 plugin had a script error, I've published a fixed version of that which is now linked to from that mod's page.

That's all for now, I'm headed to Solstheim where I can write some code in the snow...

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