Update time once again

2018-07-04 | by M'aiq The Admin under Updates

Greetings, outlander - although a major update just dropped, it's time once again for a minor update. This includes a few fixes to the recommended list as well as some other changes:

  • Clarified that you only want to download the quill replacer for R-Zero's Random Retextures (and Replacers).
  • Added Vurts Groundcover for OpenMW to the recommended list. Note there are some conflicts, see the usage notes for more details.
  • Removed Correct UV Trees from the recommended list as all of its files were superceded by Patch For Purists.
  • Removed Pluginless NoGlow from the recommended list as its files were superceded by Unification Compilation: Armory.
  • Adjusted tags on several mods, the overall goal being to ensure that the "Expanded Vanilla" tag doesn't have any mods that include high definition meshes or textures. Keep it vanilla, or something close to that.
  • Fixed formatting of the description and/or the usage notes on several mods. Things should be more readable in general.
  • Added a few more gameplay screenshots, these ones feature variants of the recommended list with different texture packs.
  • Made the various media links more prominent, also added a note about this blog at the top of the recommended list. My hope is folks will notice that link and find the various changelogs in here.
  • Updated the note about mannequins in the errata.
  • Added the OpenMW-ModChecker tool - this command-line utility allows one to scan their OpenMW load order to determine if any mods are totally overridden by later entries. I've used this tool on the recommended list to weed out a few mods that are actually completely overridden.

Unless any major issues are found, the next update won't be for a while -- but don't worry, it's set to contain a lot of great things (I currently have 22 open issues in my private bug tracker for the site)!

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