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This is a guide for experienced Morrowind players, and those players who are experienced with modding games in general.

A list of recommended mods are presented with the end goal of not only updating almost every mesh and texture in the game, but also of adding massive amounts of extra content and tweaking gameplay. This list is browseable all at once, or one-by-one. A lot of the suggested mods are subjective, so you are encouraged to pick and choose to suit your fancy.

The recommended mods are presented in the order their data paths should be loaded. Each mod has a detail page that contains a description, download link and other details - among this extra information is a suggested folder path. This is a suggestion for where you could store your mods on your computer and is 100% optional.

A CFG Generator is offered as a way to ensure you've got the right load order for your mod set. It features a few presets for common setups, or you can select your own mods and get the appropriate load order for data paths and plugins.

Several sections, such as this page, are presented in order to guide you through getting set up and everything else. Speed and usability are top priorities for the site, hence the sort of 'minimalist' look and feel of the site. It should be quick and demand as few resources as possible to render, including minimal and optional usage of javascript. Please see this page for more details about this site and your privacy.

About the author

Modding-OpenMW.com was created and is maintained by one individual who is simply a longtime fan of Morrowind and OpenMW (and by proxy, Free Software.)

I created this site to document my own mod usage as well as to serve as a resource for others looking to spice up their game, and it has continued to grow beyond that as a useful resource for mods on OpenMW in general. I sincerely hope you find it useful, any feedback is totally welcome.

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